Membership Info

Bertie  County NC  

Islanders Hunt Club wants a club that each and all members are treated like friends and family and hunting buddies rather than customers or clients. This is a team effort.

1) All members must abide by all North Carolina Game Laws.  A violation of state regulations can result in a forfeit of your membership.

2) Everyone hunting at Islanders Hunt Club 16 years or older must have a valid NC Hunting License, Harvest record and keep with them at all times, and a membership card and/or a daily guest pass.

3) MEMBERSHIP – A Paid in full membership will be from June 1 and expire May 31. Membership will include Deer, Turkey and Small Game. All members are accepted/renewed on a year to year basis. Renewing members on an individual basis annually will allow me John Creef a way to exclude those that are not considerate of others or fail to follow the rules that we do have. Our members should remember that (hunter ethics) means doing the right thing…….”EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING”

ALL club dues must be paid in FULL before any hunting is allowed.  When final payment is made and a signed contract / rules is turned in,then a key to property will be provided. Deposit of $200.00 Minimum paid by Feb 28, Balance due by May 1. By May 15th if your membership is not paid in full you will be forfeiting your membership minus the initial deposit.  If you choose not to rejoin the club the following year all of your personal property must be removed from the property by May 31. Locks will be changed on June 1 each year.

This tract is made up of appox 3500 acres of large managed timber stands of various ages and species. It has approx 2 miles of power-line, food plots, a well maintained road system, miles of mowed shooting lanes, a small creek with adjoining stands of hardwoods, and a generous number of tower stands and double ladder stands well suited for youth or family hunting. This land is strictly managed for quality trophy deer and is best suited for those members wanting to focus on harvesting mature whitetail bucks.. The club asks that each member make every effort to adequately evaluate the taking of a buck in consideration of age, antler growth and future potential of the deer. Therefore the club has set minimum standards to serve as guidelines knowing that experience in the field will serve as the best judge of an animal’s suitability for harvest. A Paid membership gives the member 1 Buck as described in rules and full access to areas included in area paid for.  Trophy fee of $200 will add 1 buck and spouse doe rights to membership and allows spouses to hunt during entire season without being considered a guest.

Guests –Are important to the future development of the membership ranks, and the club wishes to provide the best experiences for guest while respecting member’s rights and privileges during the peak hunting seasons. Guest will be allowed to hunt during Archery season but may only take Does, A $100.00 fine for any guest taken a Buck during Archery season.  Guests may return to hunt after the Monday prior to thanksgiving.  A guest fee of $35.00 paid prior to hunt and a day pass will be issued for the day of hunt. A guest is anyone going on Islanders hunt club property with a weapon with intent to harvest an animal. The president John Creef or assigned persons shall be notified before any guests go on property by phone, text or email. A Pass is required by NC LAW.  Absolutely anyone that goes on club property must have already signed a waiver. This is the members responsibility.  No hunting whatsoever without already having filled out waiver and paid guest fee. No more trying to chase down guest fees afterwards.                                                   A buck other than a buck on the cull list will  count as the sponsoring members’ buck.  No guest shall hunt more than 5 times a season with a member.  No ex club members in bad standing can hunt as visitors.

4) ABSOLUELY NO DRUGS or NO ALCHOLIC BEVERAGES consumed on any Islanders Hunt Club Property or John Creef Owned Property. Any violation will be automatic dismissal and the membership dues will not be refunded.

5) SIGN IN BOARD – Each member is required to circle stand location and sign in Initials with LEGIBLE WRITING,  date, and AM,PM, or All Day on board located at club house. (AM) is defined as 45mins before sunset to 1.5 hours after sunrise. (PM) is defined as 2 hours before sunset to after legal shooting times. (All Day) is defined as you can hunt in a stand all day but could be driven by from 1.5 hours after sunrise to 2 hours before sunset as people will still need access the club property especially all road stands.  If a hunter chooses to leave stand any point during the day for over 1/2 hour,then he/she must sign out of that stand for the day to be fair to rest of the people hunting.(this is does not pertain to single leased areas.) You cannot sign in for a PM hunt prior to 12:00 NOON. PERIOD. If caught, there will be a $25 fine applied first offense.$100 second offense and third offense could lead to membership termination. If hunting out of a ground blind or a climber or Loc-On then member must circle the exact location and write OTG or CL  or LO next to their initials. Anyone caught hunting in a different location other than where signed in is subject to a $25 first offense. Then after third time in same season member will be dismissed from club. If hunting from a personal stand and you signed in a club stand, then you have to be within 30 yards of that club stand. Otherwise you are in violation of this rule. Road hunting from a vehicle is NOT allowed at any time during the season and any member caught doing so will immediately be fined $100.00 and will forfeit all hunting privileges if a second offense occurs. No exceptions. This does not include while riding to a stand and seeing an animal and getting out of vehicle to stalk the animal during the day.  All Members should make every effort to check in with other hunters at the end of a hunt to make sure all have returned safely, A list of phone numbers is available and good communication is key to knowing all members are safe and sound.

6) BUCKS Must be a Minimum of 8 points and height and width should measure a minimum of 27” total. Measurements are taken from the top of the tallest tine to the skull and the outside of widest width.(SEE VIDEO CLIP ON WEBSITE AT  Membership includes 1 Buck per person, the 2nd buck must be paid for by Trophy fee unless it is taken by a youth or falls under the cull description.


All bucks that are harvested are strongly recommended to gross measure a minimum of 110 inches. This is not a finable minimum however it is a strategy to grow larger bucks.

7) TURKEYS. LIMIT ONE turkey per member and one for any of a members children.

GUEST RULES apply in turkey season. Make sure waiver is signed and $35 fee is paid. No exceptions. Circle a reasonable area of the club map for a hunt area that is respectable to the rest of the club members

8) DOES – Any member shooting 3 button bucks must pay a $100.00 fine and will not be allowed to harvest any more does.

9) DEER –A MAXIMUM of 6 deer per membership can be harvested following NC State laws As long as the deer fall in the guidelines of Islanders Hunt Club rules. All Deer shot must be weighed on Islanders hunt club scales at the clubhouse which are nc wildlife scales. Do not add or take away guessed poundage based on opinion. It is your responsibility to dress,clean, and dispose of your deer regardless. There is a bone pile for this not far from the clubhouse.

CULL BUCKS – To better the heard of deer at Islanders Hunt Club we have a few deer that need to be culled to allow for the continued growth of our bigger bucks.  Cull bucks will only be taken after 2 separate trail cam pics showing deer to the cull committee. Culls will be voted on by committee and then pics sent out to all club members for the ok to harvest.  If a (Cull Buck) is taken that is not the same buck that was supposed to be shot the member will count that as one of their bucks. Make sure its the same buck on cull list.

BEAR – Bear hunting rights will be a part of normal membership until NC Wildlife laws change. NC Law reads as: It is lawful to take a Bear with the aid of bait but not in the act of eating it. this only includes natural grains, corn, peanuts etc. Any Bear hunting with dogs will only be allowed to person or people who have purchased the BEAR RIGHTS. If any Bear hunting is to be done with dogs an email will be sent out notifying members of proposed date or dates of hunt. GUEST ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HARVEST A BEAR.

10) RABBITS – Rabbit rights are leased out each year for managed side. This is from january 2nd through the end of rabbit season which is typically the end of February. only rabbit dogs are allowed. If one would like to rabbit hunt you must first contact the lessee of the rights.

11) SMALL GAME – all small game besides rabbits are free for all as long as they are harvested in accordance with nc wildlife game laws.

12) YOUTH HUNTING – The Islanders Hunt Club highly encourages youth and family hunting experiences. All rules governing “youth hunting” are set forth in the interest of safety and in the spirit of a pleasurable time spent afield with a parent or adult family member. Youth Hunters between the ages of 14 and 16 that are set in their own stands should, use the necessary safety harness if hunting out of a tree stand, have successfully completed a hunter safety course and are restricted to hunting with a shotgun, black-powder, bow, or crossbow. Youth hunters over the age of 16 that wish to hunt on their own with a rifle should, use the necessary harness if hunting out of a tree stand, possess a valid learners permit or driver’s license, and have successfully completed a hunter safety course.  Youth Hunters under the age of 16 is allowed one “Buck of Choice” per year. The harvest will count against the sponsoring adults 1 buck limit and it is expected that each year the youth will make every effort to have his or her “Buck of Choice” be larger than the last. So called cull committee labeled “cull bucks” will not count against members’ buck harvest for the club. All youth hunters 16 years of age or older are expected to follow the same guidelines as adults and the sponsoring adult is responsible at all times for the safety and the conduct of the youth hunter both at club house and in the field.

13) WORK DAYS – All members are required to contribute to the regular maintenance of the club.  Club work days will be assigned as needed and each member is required to complete at least 3 work days prior to Sept 1. A workday is a 8 hour day. NO Scheduled club work days during Deer or Turkey Season.  Workdays will be for working on Club stands, trimming shooting lanes, weed eating paths, weed eating and round up around stands and gates that mowers can’t get to, Repairing club stands, planting food plots, Work days are not for working on private stands that are not club stands. A fee of $100.00 for each work day not completed will be required to be paid prior to first hunt. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. It’s not fair to guys who put in countless days of work.

14) STANDS – All NEW members are required to bring at least one stand preferably a Tower or Tripod although this is to the discretion of the club president. There is no limit to the number of club stands a member can provide,but all stand placements have to be APPROVED by John Creef or assigned persons due to strategically placing stands and shooting lanes for hunter safety. There is a limit of 2 PERSONAL stands per member. THESE STANDS SHALL ONLY BE USED IN ARCHERY, BLACKPOWDER AND THE FIRST WEEK OF GUN SEASON.  THEN THEY MUST BE REMOVED.  This includes ground blinds, loc-ons and climbers. EXCEPTIONS.  ALL club stands are available to all members on a first come first serve basis on the day of the hunt.  Climbing stands, lock-on stands, and ground blinds are considered personal property and can only be hunted by permission of the stands owners. DO NOT park in front of or down range of ANY stands that can be hunted by other members. If you arrive late choose a stand near an entrance and walk in. All climber stands and Loc On’s must be marked for the safety of all members and at no time can those stands be hunted without prior written permission from stand owner. This rule is important to hunter safety and as a courtesy to those hunters still in stands.

15) LEASED STAND LOCATIONS – None at this time

16) HARVEST REPORT – All deer taken must be logged in the harvest report notebook.  The member’s name, date, sex, weight, number of points, and stand deer was taken. A Picture of EVERY DEER KILLED should be sent to John Creef or his assigned person. ALL buck pictures should include a tape measure picture showing width and another showing height.(SEE VIDEO ON WEBSITE) All deer should be logged in within 24 hours of kill with above information and pictures sent or a $25.00 fine will be assessed.  2nd offense will result in $100.00 fine and 3rd offense could result in termination of club.  This Information is critical to our management practices and for managing pressure on the deer during the course of the season. Anyone caught trying to hide deer from the club will lose their membership immediately and will not be refunded their dues.

17) GAME CAMERAS are considered private property.  It is a good practice to identify cameras with name and address, lock cameras and have lock boxes to protect them from tampering or theft. If your camera is missing it is suggested you contact the local Sheriff office or NC Wildlife to file a report. Islanders Hunt Club nor John Creef will not be responsible for any lost,stolen or damaged personal property. A maximum of 2 game cameras are allowed in use per membership DO NOT CHECK ANYONE ELSES CAMERAS WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. THIS COULD BE REASON FOR IMMEDIATE FORFEIT OF MEMBERSHIP.

18) CLUB HOUSE – ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY IS ALLOWED AT CLUBHOUSE OR ON CLUBHOUSE PROPERTY. THINK ABOUT THE KIDS.if you stay there some please chip in a little $ for LP gas etc. the membership dues only cover the land rent.

19) FINES – All fines must be paid before a member can hunt again after a fine has been assessed.  This is to be fair to all members.

Any buck taken less than club legal is subject to a $100.00 fine per point  Also there is a $100 fine if second buck is smaller than the first. Minimum fine if does not meet standard. All deer should be logged in within 24 hours of kill with above information and Pictures sent or a $25.00 fine will be assessed.  2nd offense will result in $200.00 fine and 3rd offense would result in termination of club.

20) TREES –We shall not drive nails, spikes or other steel objects into any marketable timber.

21) CLUB TRAFFIC – During hunting season and in keeping with good QDM practices, it is considered a courtesy to be conscious of other hunter’s locations and their desire to reduce ATV or vehicular traffic in the club in general, but specifically in the areas they are hunting. From archery season in September thru the end of gun season in December, members are expected to check in at the clubhouse and make every effort to provide adequate distance to those on stand. Managing pressure is critical to improving the hunting experience for all members and respectful consideration of others is important to the success of the club as a whole.

Members are asked to limit road traffic during the season by not driving on roads from 45 minutes before sunrise to 1.5 hours past sunrise and by not driving on the roads from 2 hours before sunset till last legal shooting light. Do not park in front of or down range of any stands that can be hunted by other members. If you arrive late choose a stand near an entrance and walk in. Any hunter who has taken game shall remain on stand in observance of the club’s traffic guidelines. This rule is important to hunter safety and as a courtesy to those hunters still on stand. Please keep all gates locked at all times. In the case of emergency anyone needing to leave should try and make contact with other members to let them know of early exit.

22) INSURANCE – The club’s insurance policy protects the club and the land owners from liability for injury. This insurance does not cover member’s expenses related to an injury. This policy does not cover ATVs, Vehicle’s or personal property that may be damaged, stolen or burned. All members leaving their personal property assume all liability.

23) BAIT.  no bait, corn or otherwise is to be put out on property after MARCH 1st until after turkey season is over. no baiting allowed during turkey season.

Please read all rules and download, sign, and return this liability statement with your deposit.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at (252) 473-0444.

COSTS. annual dues for the 20-21 season are $975 per membership. Membership runs June1st to May 31st