Welcome to the Islander’s Hunt Club mobile website. This site is intended to promote deer management while having a safe and fun time enjoying God’s creation. I want to thank all of my members and their hard wark and dedication since this club began.

deer_index_1I, John Creef, have lived on the Outer Banks all my life and have been around some of the finest fishermen in the world. I’ve never had that driving passion for fishing, but I found a passion in me for antler growth like no other. I was so blessed when the oppurtunity arose to start such a club that was focused on growing big bucks. God blessed us with a piece of land to lease that had all the potential of doing this and had the size to back it up. So in 2001, Islanders Hunt Club began and has been a growing success ever since.

I am very proud of our club and I hope you can join us in a hunt or two one day and experience something that is very special to us.

Having a successful hunt is in the eye of the beholder and we try to make sure that this happens for our members and our guests. One of our main goals is to promote youth hunting and father/son hunting situations.We thank you for your interest in the club and we look forward to seeing you soon.